Tuesday, January 26, 2016

IELTS Exam: Things You Will DO

Are you planning to take the IELTS exam?

It was of the same year last year that I started gathering my requirements as I was applying for work in Australia. Acquiring different certifications was a mess I should say, but what really struck me was the IELTS examination. The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination is an English proficiency examination. This is usually a requirement if you are applying in countries like Canada, New Zealand, and even the United Kingdom. So, I had to prepare myself for the examination of which I never had an idea what it was all about.

I checked online for some information about the IELTS and found out that I might need some help reviewing. It was at this time that a friend of mine recommended a review center for the IELTS test. Without any hesitations, I gave them a call and inquired for their rates. I was not fairly satisfied with the call, so I opted to visit their branch and have a talk with them. It was then that I realized the pressure of taking this examination. My future in Australia depended on the success of my IELTS test.

Cutting the long story short, I enrolled and started with the classes. I must say that the orientation about the examination was really helpful for me. It answered every question I had in my mind. The classes were organized and scheduled well as there were lectures in the morning and practices in the afternoon. I think it was a good strategy to have that kind of arrangement. What made me impressed more is that they had this speaking mock tests where we sat in front of our coaches and had a simulation of the IELTS speaking test. This kind of practice boosted not only my English speaking kills but also my confidence in handling myself in the speaking test.

Anyway, I had my test and successfully got an overall band score of 8.0 in my test. I believe that my experience in the review center honed my skills to fit well in the exam. For those of you who are taking the exam, here are things that you will do or need to do for the IELTS. 
  • Learn to love reading. I took the academic module and the reading passages were lengthy. If you are not someone used to reading, start practicing now. Read magazines or journals that you are interested in. These will make reading more entertaining for you. 
  •  Build your vocabulary. Be familiar with vocabulary used in the Australian or British English. I learned a lot from my coaches and these words are commonly used in the test as well. 
  • Practice speaking. Always think in English when so that communicating in English becomes easier and more comfortable. Find opportunities to speak English like ordering in a restaurant, talking with friends and even chatting with your IELTS coaches. 
  • On the test day, be at the test center an hour early. It is important for you to arrive early so you can be comfortable with the place. Also, do not go to the test with an empty stomach. 
  • While taking the test, keep calm. Most mistakes come from panicking. Everything will be alright after the test. 
  • Look at the interviewer. This shows that you are enjoying the interview and not overwhelmed with the anxiety you are feeling inside. 
  • Be confident. You have reviewed for the test and you are equipped with all the skills and techniques. Stay positive while answering all questions.
Practice is needed when taking the IELTS. I got my score because I took a lot of effort in reviewing and exposing myself with different exercises. Those are the things that you will need to do for the IELTS test

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