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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a highly recognized English exam accepted worldwide. It aims to evaluate the English proficiency of the people that take it. They take the IELTS exam for work or training reasons, or if they intend to study in an English speaking country. The IELTS measures English proficiency level in four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Examiners judge IELTS applicants on the basis of the required four skills such as listening capabilities, reading abilities, understanding power, and speaking skills.

IELTS exam is accepted internationally, so it is important to reach a high score. A high score in IELTS is an integral part and one of the criteria of almost all immigration processes such as Study Visa, General Skilled Migration Program among others.

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If you’re not confident with your language skills, you can always enroll in an IELTS Center to get the IELTS Training in order to enhance your proficiency in the English Language. You can equip yourself with the proper learning and practice from an IELTS Center. However, an IELTS Training must go beyond the four corners of the IELTS Center. You should keep yourself abreast to ways to improve your study skills.

 Here’s 12 tips you can use in your study checklist:

1.    Have a study game plan. Specify the day you begin to prepare for your exams. Include your schedule of IELTS Training in an IELTS Center. Be committed to your study game plan.

2.    Create a detailed to-do list. Be faithful to your list.

3.    Enumerate the books that can help you polish your vocabulary, grammar and reading power.

4.    Instead of cramming, review periodically. You may read before bedtime to improve your reading skills. Read newspapers to improve your skimming method. At work, make time to practice your listening and speaking skills by talking to co-workers who are proficient in English.

5.    Don’t multitask. A study at the University of London showed that people who multitask while performing cognitive tasks experience significant IQ drops. To be an effective student, focus on just one thing at a time.

6.    Simply, summarize and compress information. Master speed-reading techniques such as skimming and scanning.

7.    Takes notes by hand, instead of using your gadget. Students who take notes by hand tend to process and reframe information compared to those who use their gadgets. They perform better in exams.

8.    Test yourself frequently. Take free grammar test online.

9.    Connect what you’re learning with something you already know. This is beneficial when taking the IELTS Writing test.

10.    Take regular study breaks. This will improve your over-all productivity and enhances your concentration.

11.    Believe you can improve as long as you put in your time and hard work.

12.    Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Dehydration is bad for your brain too. Researchers in University of East London have found that your brain’s over-all mental processing power decreases when you’re dehydrated. You are allowed to take a drink in a transparent bottle when taking the IELTS exam. Every 40 minutes or so, drink water. This will help you stay dehydrated and improve your mental performance.

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