Thursday, August 25, 2016


How has one really solve the biggest problems in IELTS? IELTS or International English Language Testing System is an English proficiency examination that is accepted in English-speaking countries. If you want to work, study or migrate in countries where they use English as a form of communication, you need to pass the IELTS.

Taking the exam can be quite a challenge to test-takers, especially for those who are not competent in using the English language. Fortunately, test-takers can enroll in an IELTS review center to help them improve their English.

IELTS Review Center

An IELTS Course is available at review centers. It is a comprehensive course guide that includes practical exams and activity exercises. An IELTS course should be able to determine your strength and weaknesses in terms of your knowledge of English.

IELTS review center in Manila boosts of its topnotch instructors that thoroughly focus on the course guide. More than having excellent instructors, facilities in the IELTS review center in Manila have a conducive learning environment that makes IELTS review a good experience for reviewers.

Despite having topnotch instructors and good facilities, test-takers still admit doing poorly in their IELTS exam because of these few reasons:

1.    Not answering the question. How you understand the questions will reflect on how you answer them. You can’t answer something that is totally off the topic. That is the reason why it is important to read a lot before taking your IELTS exam. When you read newspapers, magazines or articles, you get a general idea of what is going on around the world.

2.    Not following directions. Despite the time-constrain, IELTS exam has minimum words that you need to follow. In IELTS Academic Writing, for example, task 1 requires you to write a minimum of 150 words, while task 2 needs a minimum of 250 words.

3.    Not learning the differences between the four sections. IELTS are divided into 4 sections – writing, speaking, listening and reading. Each section focuses on how you use the English language to get by in an English-speaking country. One section mostly involves a map or floor plan which you will need to study carefully. There is also a section that primarily related to academic subjects. When you are able to comprehend the differences of these sections, it is easier to focus on them.

4.     Not speaking with confidence. The advantage of having topnotch instructors, like the ones in an IELTS review center in Manila, is their ability to build up your confidence. In IELTS speaking, the examiner does not only listen to your vocabulary or grammar, but also how you express yourself with confidence.

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