Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5 Vital Aspects of IELTS Coaching

Why do IELTS test candidates prefer reviewing with the best IELTS review center in the country than doing self-review?

There is nothing wrong with the self-review; however, there are times when a student will badly need the help of a teacher to understand concepts about the IELTS exam. In an IELTS review center in Manila, students are given detailed elaboration and discussion of the different tasks in the IELTS examination. This is something that one cannot take advantage of when reviewing alone.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Here’s why IELTS is so Awesome

Do you want to know the reason why I am enjoying my life here in Australia? This is all because of the IELTS. Awesome, isn’t it?

It was in the same month last year when I started for an IELTS review center in Manila. I was encouraged by my friends to practice my profession as a nurse in Australia. Since I saw them having fun and earning quite a lot, I took my chance to lodge my application. However, there was this IELTS requirement that I need to complete. Thus, I ended up reviewing in the review center where my friends had their review as well.