Friday, September 9, 2016

Here’s why IELTS is so Awesome

Do you want to know the reason why I am enjoying my life here in Australia? This is all because of the IELTS. Awesome, isn’t it?

It was in the same month last year when I started for an IELTS review center in Manila. I was encouraged by my friends to practice my profession as a nurse in Australia. Since I saw them having fun and earning quite a lot, I took my chance to lodge my application. However, there was this IELTS requirement that I need to complete. Thus, I ended up reviewing in the review center where my friends had their review as well.

IELTS Center

My review started, and I realized I had a lot of things to catch up with my English skills, specifically in the writing section. I was having a hard time coming up with sentences to describe graphs. I admit, I am really not good at writing even until now. What helped develop my skills was the practices and lectures in the class with my brilliant IELTS instructors. Indeed, I could say I was in the best IELTS review center.

The best part with the IELTS review center in Manila I was enrolled was the dedication given by the instructors to their students. Aside from the usual course programs offered for improving reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills, they have incorporated other classes like grammar and speech. These additional IELTS classes are something not just needed for the test itself, but also to an individual’s daily conversation in English. To be honest, it was very awkward for me to use the English language since it was rarely used at home. Yet, because of my plans to work in Australia, I had the drive to overcome this feeling for my own good. I started talking to friends in English, and even tried using English in my workplace in explaining to patients what the doctor requested. Not only was my skills, but also improving the confidence I had in using the language was starting to build up. And confidence is one thing that Filipinos have to really work on for the IELTS.

I took the exam after three months of reviewing, and with the help of my instructors, I passed the exam. A few months later, I flew to Australia and studied for the first six months. I thought I would not survive in school since the Australian accent used by my teachers were so heavy. Luckily, the best IELTS review center I was in gave us practices on the different accents used in the test. It really came useful when you are already in the real life setting. It was pretty difficult getting accustomed to the accent since Filipinos are more used to the American accent. Indeed, IELTS is really amazing since it helped me achieve my dream in working in Australia and still helps me understand English in my daily living.

Personally, the IELTS is not merely an English proficiency test requirement; it is a training ground for individuals whose dreams are yet to come true in countries abroad.

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