Thursday, October 13, 2016

Need More Time? Read These Tips to Improve your IELTS Speaking Skills

Still don’t think you’re fully prepared for the IELTS test? Try to improve yourself on all four parts of the exam one at a time. There’s no need to rush too much. Going in an IELTS review center can be your best idea. You can also check out IELTS review centers in Manila if you live nearby. But for now, you can try to improve your speaking skills with these tips.

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Describe photos
This may be quite odd to some, but this can help you exercise to explain yourself or your point better. Try describing or explaining random photos the best way you can. Even if the actual test won’t have questions that will require you to describe a photo, it’s convenient to being able to visualize what you really want to say or explain.

Face the mirror to practice

Out of nervousness, some may tend to neglect to have eye contact. It’s really important to have eye contact to earn a higher band score. This is because your body language is also a form of communication, so it’s best to practice in front of the mirror to let you get used to uncomfortable feelings when speaking. You can also have more speaking practice sessions in an IELTS review center if you wish to practice on topics more related to the test.

Record yourself, then decide
    By recording yourself, you can review how you sound or how long have you been explaining for a certain question or topic. You can also review the way you said your points and be able to come up with better answers or ideas to answer the questions. Sometimes, what we say abruptly won’t be the best answer we can come up with. So it’s helpful if you go through more questions to improve on the answers you can say.

Make mock questions
    Prepare sets of questions for you to answer relating to yourself. Try listing them down to get yourself used to answering questions. Or maybe have someone to ask you questions that will fit for the IELTS test. You can also go for an IELTS review center in Manila such as the Jrooz Review if you are not familiar with the type of questions that will be asked to you. Moreover, these review centers can help you on all four parts of the test, so it will be of great convenience for you to ace the test.

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