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10 Problems Only IELTS Takers Will Understand

Let me take a guess, you came here to read some information about the IELTS examination. Well, there are a great number of blogs and websites that can educate you about the IELTS test. They all have these tips and techniques on how to ace the IELTS. If you came here to read about that, well, I have another thing in mind other than strategies to help you get through with your IELTS. And, nope, I will not be lecturing you on any skills since it is for your IELTS review center to do that. Let us explore more about the IELTS through experiences I had when I took the test.

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Like any other test candidates, looking for a review center first came into my mind. Gladly, an IELTS review center in Manila is not that hard to find with the options I had, but getting the right one was the troublesome part. Each of us has his or her own fair share with the problems in preparing for the IELTS. Having said that, let us look into 10 different problems IELTS takers can surely relate when getting ready for the test.

1.    The Search for the Review Center
Like what I mentioned earlier, there is an IELTS review center in Manila and in any parts of the city. You will never run out of options, yet you have to smart in enrolling in one. With all the course programs they offer, deciding on which one to take is the problem. To help you choose one, consider factors such as proximity, price, and the review materials, this will narrow down your options.

2.    Academic or General Training? Which is which?
When you enroll for an IELTS course, make sure to indicate whether you are taking the Academic or General Training module of the test. The reading and writing sections are way different, so you have to know from your agency or from the purpose of your visa application which module to take.

3.    Wait, what was that word again?
Ever read a word that looks strange to you? One reason could be your vocabulary is very limited. When taking the IELTS, you will have to improve those vocabulary skills. Also, there are some vocabulary words in the American English that has a different word used in the British English, such as apartment to loft.

4.    I didn’t quite hear that.
Having problems understanding the audio passage? Well, it is time to listen to some BBC or Australian News Channel broadcasts. Taking the IELTS means getting familiar with other English accents other than the common American English.

5.    What is skimming and scanning?
An IELTS review center focuses on improving IELTS skills for their students. Skimming and scanning are the most important skills in reading. These are to be learned and practices well as they come in real handy in the real test.

6.    Grammar!
No matter how good your ideas are, they could end up getting a low score without correct grammar usage. There are lots of grammar rules, yet you should start reviewing on your subject-verb agreement and the use of verb tenses.

7.    How can I interpret this graph?
Every IELTS candidate has a dilemma in dealing with graph interpretations. For those taking the Academic writing, the first task seems to be a nightmare. What can help improve writing for this is the constant practice and exposure to different graph exercises.

8.    I was not able to finish my writing!
The time limit in the writing section is a killer. Thus, IELTS test candidates have to organize their points and details by creating an outline prior to writing.

9.    Uhmm… ahhh… What should I say?
Some IELTS students find it hard to be confident with their responses in the speaking test. What they have to do is to always find an opportunity to practice. The more practice they get, the more comfortable they become in using the language.

10.     I am running out of time for my review!
Create a timeline for your review. Do not just review for a few weeks and take the exam. The IELTS is not easy, so you really have to allot time and money for it.

These are the common problems IELTS test students can surely relate with. To avoid getting stressed before the exam, always have a clear schedule for your reviews and attend classes just like I did in the IELTS review center in Manila I was in. Enjoy IELTS!

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