Friday, March 10, 2017

Is It the Right Time to Retake the IELTS?

Have you ever wondered if the saying “practice makes perfect” applies to life?

Preparing for tasks, such as exams and interviews, has a significant effect on the actual task. Thus, people who actually prepared for the IELTS exam, regardless whether in a classroom setting or online, did not only boost their confidence but also improve their band score.

ielts review center

Here are some advantages of preparing through the help of a review center for IELTS:

  • Provides you an objective assessment of your performance and knowledge of the English language
  • Improves your vocabulary, familiarity and use of the language
  • Equips you with tips and guidelines for taking the actual exam

Possible reasons why you did not get your desired band score

If it is your second or third time to take the exam, you might be thinking that enrolling in a review center for IELTS is a waste of time because no matter how many times you take the class, you cannot get your desired band score. You might have joined various coaching sessions and even traveled and braved a terrible traffic just to get to the IELTS review center in Manila on time, yet you still failed to obtain your desired band score. What could have gone wrong? Here are some possible reasons:

  • You skipped too much.  You may have overestimated your reading comprehension skills that you skim a text instead of actually going through it. Thus, you failed to understand the gist of the text. Some tasks are allotted with limited time; thus, use this period wisely.  Pay attention to the body and conclusion of the text—main arguments and supporting details are often found in the body, while the author’s insights and recommendations are presented in the conclusion.

  • You took for granted the allotted time. You have spent more time in Task 1, making sure that every detail of your writing exam is correct and clear. As a result, you have limited time to accomplish Task 2—to think that Task 2 weighs more than Task 1. Spend your time wisely as each subtest must be accomplished in a specific period.
  • You resorted to “word vomit.” You may have been too excited to write or talk about the topic because you have read a lot and did your research. However, in the end, your response turned out poorly because of errors in grammar and pronunciation and lack of cohesion. It is best to keep your piece short and straightforward.

  • You were just not ready yet.  During your coaching sessions in an IELTS review center in Manila, you may have done well in practical tests and mock exams, which led you to think that you know everything there is about the English language. Then again, physically and emotionally, you were not ready. Even if you have enrolled in the best IELTS training facility, if your heart and mind is not into it, all your efforts will turn to waste.

 Things to consider before retaking the IELTS exam

Now that you have finally mustered the courage to retake the IELTS exam, here are some important points to consider:

1.    Mental Preparedness – Assess your English language skills. What areas do you need to work on: Reading, writing, listening or speaking? If you think that you still need to learn more, do not hesitate to enroll in a review center for IELTS. For sure, their instructors, who are English language experts, can guide you and help turn your weaknesses intro strengths.

2.    Physical Well-Being – Always put your physical wellness on top of your priorities. Make it a habit to consult a doctor and try to lead a healthy lifestyle to avoid contracting diseases, which may affect you from preparing for and during the IELTS exam.

3.    Emotional Stability – Taking exams, including work- and school-related concerns, is proven to heighten an individual’s stress level.   However, if you know how to de-stress, it will not be a problem. A day before the exam, take time to relax–stop thinking about work or school. Condition your mind and body to help lower the stress level and take the exam confidently.

All things considered, it is best to wait for the right time when you are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to retake the IELTS. You do not want to miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to work, study or live abroad.

Are you ready to retake the IELTS exam? If you think you are, then register now to the nearest IELTS test center.

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