Friday, June 23, 2017

Bad Writing Habits You Need to Stop Now

Bad writing habits can impair your train of thought and alter the quality of your compositions. This is the reason your attitude toward writing is an important aspect to securing composition success. If you are not comfortable with this communicative skill, you need to make an effort to deliver quality results.

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IELTS review program was designed to guide students and develop their passion and confidence in writing. Instructors in the IELTS review center in Manila, for instance, will help you improve your writing habits and develop a keen sense for details. Writing lessons in the IELTS review center in Manila engage students in activities that aim to improve the student's writing style and expand their imagination.

Many of the discussions you will encounter in the IELTS review will focus on improving your bad writing habits. Here is a brief discussion to give you an overview of the subject.

•    Bombarding an essay with filler words. Keep in mind that brevity and clarity are among the essential elements of a compelling composition. Write using an active voice and if it can be helped to write a crisper version, then do so.

•    Beating around the bush. Go straight to the point. Going around the subject just to create suspense or make the essay appear longer is not healthy for the eye and the mind. It gives an impression that you are uncertain of some information in the introduction or you have limited knowledge of the subject.

•    Writing everything at once. Information overload can be intimidating especially for the reader. Though you did your homework and read a lot for the IELTS Writing exam, it is important to find the primary focus of your composition still. Do not bombard the readers with too much information that only lead to confusion. Highlight the key points of your essay and be clear with the explanation you provide. Remember, you write for the readers.

•    Rejecting criticisms. Refusal to accept constructive criticisms will do you no good. Learn to accept your mistakes and use them to improve your writing skills. Get inspiration from other authors and ask feedback from other people. This practice does not mean following all of the people’s opinion. It just means listening to them and may be applying the pieces of advice that are most useful and applicable to your case.

•    Focusing on word count. Writing tests and exercises require students to write in a specific word limit. Concentrating on the word count can reduce your writing intent and hinder you from letting creative ideas flow. Write first, and focus on the word count and editing after.

•    Writing to impress. Keep in mind that writing is an art. It entails dedication and concentration to express your thoughts and let the audience read through each line. Writing to impress may lead to using fancy and unusual words which may be beautiful and new to the ears but are not digestible to the reader. Use simple yet well-thought of words to convey your message effectively.

Avoid these bad writing habits, and you will surely elevate your chances of acing the IELTS Writing exam.

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